We are an independent start up from Berlin, without investors...Very small, but with big goals. Above Average Humanity shall stand for what gets lost in everyday life. The opposite of the idea that is sold to us by the fast fashion and trend industry as "normal".

It should be normal to wear clothes only for a short time? We have become accustomed to garments that no longer last long and have been processed inferiorly...in every way! We have resigned ourselves to the fact that garments that are totally "in" today, will be rotting in our closet tomorrow. Above Average Humanity therefore focuses on a production in Europe, a fair manufacturing, as well as highest quality and sustainability. We want our garments to be exactly those pieces in your closet that you will love for 10 or 15 years. No one night trend.

Together with you we want to tackle the issue of sustainability and constantly improve exactly in this direction. Already with our first release we made a big step in the right direction and learned a lot on the way there. Our fragrances, for example, are made in Germany, the label of our flacons is made of grass paper and our packaging is completely recycled. Our garments are not mass-produced, but handmade with fairness and love in high quality, unique pieces that are only produced in limited quantities and are not reproduced after they are sold out. When you order from us, even the delivery boxes, outer packaging and filling material are recycled.

However, we are nowhere near where we want to be and that's why we are excited to work with you to create a lever that will unhinge the fast fashion industry, because anything is possible if you just really want it.

Team AØA