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50ml - Eau de Parfum

Gender Neutral
Made in Germany
20% perfume oil percentage

Fragrance composition:

Top note: Pepper, cardamom, basil
Heart note: Geranium, olibanum, cedarwood
Base note: Sandalwood milk, amberwood, birch tar


The contradiction in itself is a fragrance that was one of the biggest challenges for me in the history of its creation. I had only smelled a floral molecular fragrance with woody-leathery notes in two cities before: Budapest and New York. I therefore took the word oxymoron from the Hungarian: "Oximoron".

If I had to describe this fragrance with three images, these would probably be:

A flower meadow after a summer rain
A new leather jacket
A skyline of a big city

Pepper, basil and cardamom give the fragrance exactly the spice it needs, building its top note.

In the heart, geranium, olibanum, and cedarwood blend together to create a smoky-woody yet floral composition.

The base is composed of sandalwood milk, birch tar and amber wood, thus giving the fragrance woody depth. These round out the fragrance to a perfect combination of all their diversity to a great, unique and long-lasting fragrance.


With every perfume order you will receive a matching tester. Please use the tester to find out if you like the perfume, because we can not take back opened perfumes.

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